Vauxhall Golf 2022

Welcome to another year of golf at the Vauxhall Golf and Country Club. After delaying our original opening date due to weather we are now open. The course came through the winter fairly well but we did have some damage on the north side of the ditch due to the high winds and blowing dust. We have been working hard to remove the excess soil and get the course in playing condition. A couple of rule changes on our course are taking place this year. The tree line along #1, #2 and #3 are now lateral hazards marked by red stakes. Previously these were out of bounds. You may go outside the treeline into the hazard area to hit your ball without a penalty stroke (please don’t go into the crops and please don’t drive your cart there), or if your ball is lost or unplayable in the hazard you can play the lateral hazard rule and only take a one stroke penalty for a drop in the rough inside the treeline where the ball last crossed the treeline boundary. We have also added a local rule that if your ball lands on a root you may have a free drop one clublength no closer.

With Covid for the most part out of the way we are looking forward to adding some of our tournaments back. Our first major one is our Rusty Swing Pig roast which takes place on May 28. This is our main fundraiser for the year so we are hoping to get 18 to 20 teams entered. If you want to ensure a spot, enter early. Other tournaments we are working on are our senior men’s and senior ladies scrambles, men’s and women’s scrambles and a new Open scramble called the “Tough as Nails” tournament. Watch for the advertising of these. We also offer half price golf and carts every Thursday and this year, in conjunction with Canada Day and Vauxhall’s Anniversary celebration, we are offering 18 hole of golf and carts for $100.00 per foursome on July 1st and 2nd.

Memberships – single, couple, family and corporate are available to purchase at the clubhouse. Rates are posted on our web page. If you are not sure if you want a membership try purchasing a punchcard to help you save. We also have a rate on a yearly cart rental that you may be interested in.